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Mobile App Features

Securely View Your Tax Returns and Upload Tax Documents Right From Your Smart Phone Using the Net Client CS Mobile App.

Client Login Credentials are required.  If you have not previously registered your net client cs account please contact our office for assistance.  Please click the appropriate button below for your smart phone to download the app.

Steps to Upload Tax Documents:

1)  Log into the App

2)  Click "File Exchange"

3)  Select from one of the available folders.  For example click "2018 Tax Documents" folder.

4)  Push the "+" in the upper right hand corner of your screen

5)  Choose "Camera" (which pulls up your Camera View, take the picture holding the phone directly over the document, keeping the phone as horizontal as possible to the document for best resolution.)  Select either "Retake", if necessary or click "Use Photo" at the bottom of the screen to upload the photo.  

6) Or choose "Photo Library" or "Browse" to select documents already stored on your phone.

Steps to View Uploaded Documents:

1) Select "Document Presentation" to view files uploaded by our firm to your secure portal.

2)  Select the document title that would like to view.